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What is the Law of Success 2.0?

The research ‘started’ more than a hundred years ago when Andrew Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill to discover the law of success. Through the 20-year-long interviews with over 500 people including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Theodor Roosevelt, Hill eventually published "the Law of Success" in 1928. However, despite his endeavor and the fact that there are piles of self-help books around us, billions of people are still desperate to know how to be successful – the reason is clear; there is no such thing as the universal way to achieve success. I believe all of us can achieve success, but in a very different way. This research aims at proving that there are as many ways to be successful as the number of human beings by sharing diverse ideas of prominent people around the world.

The list of interviewees.

Adam Greenfield Head of Design, Nokia
Aharon Horwitz CoDirector of PresenTense Group
Alain de Botton Writer and Founder of The School of Life
Alan Kay Founder of Viewpoints Research Institute
Alf Rehn Chair of Management at Åbo Akademi Univ.
Alonzo Bodden Comedian, Actor
Amanda Hesser Food Columnist at New York Times
Andreas Weigend Former Chief Scientist at Amazon
Andrew Hessel CEO of Pink Army Cooperative
Andrew Oswald Professor of Behavioural Science at Warwick Univ.
Ann Pendleton-Jullian Architect, Writer and Educator
Anne Lise Kjaer Futurist and Founder of Kjaer Global
Chiaki Hayashi Co-Founder of Lofwork
Christina Brodbeck Angel Investor and CEO of TheIceBreak
Dan Millman Former World Champion Athlete, Coach, Author
Daniel Brusilovsky Founder of Teens in Tech
Daniel Coyle Contributing Editor for Outside Magazine
Daniel Everett Dean of Art and Science at Bentley Univ.
Daniel Gross Founder and CEO of Greplin
Daniel Ha Founder and CEO of Disqus
Dave Snowden Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge
Dave Ulrich Professor of Business at Michigan Univ.
David Agus Co-Founder of Navigenics
David Berkowitz Senior Director at Emerging Media
David Cay Johnston Pulitzer Prize Winner, Investigative Journalist
David E. Aldrich IT Department Manager at Washington Univ.
David Gallo Tony Award Winning Theater and Musical Designer
David Wain Comedian, Writer, Actor and Director
Derek Sivers Founder of CD Baby
Derrick N. Ashong Musician and Activist
Dick Hardt Founder and CEO of Sxip Identity
Don Norman Founder of The Cognitive Science Society
Douglas D. Osheroff Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
Douglas Rushkoff Media journalist, author, and documentarian
Ellen Siminoff CEO of Shmoop
Erez Eshel Mentor at the Israeli Academy for Leadership
Eric Cheng Professional Photographer
Eriko Yamaguchi Founder of Motherhouse
Ethan Zuckerman Co-Founder of Global Voices and Tripod
Florence Devouard Former Chairwoman, Wikimedia Foundation
Frans de Waal Primatologist and Ethologist
Gabriel Weinberg Founder of Duck Duck Go
Hemant Dadhich Brigadier of Indian Army
Henry Mintzberg Professor of Management Studies at McGill Univ.
Herbert J. Kronzucker Professor of Biology at Toronto Univ.
Howard Rheingold Online Instigator and Educator
Jamais Cascio Writer and Futurist
James Kyson-Lee Hollywood Star
Jason Falls Social Media Educator
Jason Fried Co-Founder and President of 37signals
Jeff Rosenthal Co-founder of the Summit Series
Jeff Sutherland Inventor of Scrum Software Development
Jennifer McCrea Senior Research Fellow for NPO at Harvard Univ.
Jens Martin Skibsted Designer and Entrepreneur
Jerry Michalski Founder of REXpedition
Jesse Schell CEO of Schell Games
Jessica Mah Co-Founder of inDinero
Joel Makower Co-Founder of Greener World Media
John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief of Economist Magazine
John Seely Brown Co-Chair of Deloitte Center for the Edge
John Kim Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School
Joichi Ito CEO of Creative Commons
Joseph S. Nye Professor of International Relations at Harvard Univ.
Josh Bycel TV Producer
JT Ellison Thriller Writer
Jude Gomila Co-Founder of Heyzap
Justin Kan Founder of Justin.tv
Natsuko Shiraki Founder of Hasuna
Naveen Tewari CEO of InMobi
Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysicist
Neil Patel Co-Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics
Nick Bontis Management Consultant
Parag Khanna International Relations Expert
Paul Sloane Author and Speaker for Lateral Thinking and Innovation
Peter Kim Managing Director at North America at Dachis Group
Peter Shankman Founder of HARO and CEO of Geek Factory
Peter Smith Senior Research Scientist of the Lunar and Planetary Lab
Philip Warren Anderson Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
Pooja Warier Social Entrepreneur, Director of UnLtd India
Pritish Nandy Producer, Poet, Journalist, and Activist
Randy Haykin Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist
René Carayol Broadcaster and Leadership Speaker
Renee Blodgett Founder and CEO at Magic Sauce Media
Richard Saul Wurman Creator of TED Conference
Richard Stallman President of Free Software Foundation
Robert A. Burton Physician and Novelist
Robert J. Lang Physicist and Origami Artist
Robert Jervis Professor of International Affairs at Columbia Univ.
Robert Scoble Technology Evangelist
Robin Cohen Professor of Development Studies at Oxford Univ.
Ross Mayfield Chairman and President of Socialtext
Sanjukta Basu Founder of Samyukta Media
Sarah Evans Owner of Sevans Strategy
Saul Kaplan Founder of the Business Innovation Factory

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